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A small status from a small startup

and important info: will be empty in stock this season…

Satisfied users and happy children

After five seasons, it is clear; Skeasy saves the day for the whole family if the kid gets fed up before the skiing trip is over. See some examples here (from blog posts in Norwegian):

  • Skeasy saved the vacation for a Danish family on cross country holiday in Norway
  • A mother and daughter were advised to take a 100 meter trip around the hotel. Skeasy enabled them to enjoy a longer and nicer trip towards the great mountain Galdhøpiggen
  • Skeasy is handy and easy to use. Cross country skiing gets more enjoyable for the whole family.

Skeasy sales to date

In 2018, we received 1000 Skeasy in stock. The hope was to sell them out in 2-3 seasons. The fact is that it has taken five seasons to sell most of them. Three seasons with just over a hundred, one season with two hundred, and the corona season with four hundred sold Skeasy’s. And now there are fifty left in stock.

Soon empty

We have chosen not to produce a new supply for the 2023/24 season, even though we expect to run out before it is over. So don’t hesitate to order and be prepared when your child runs out of steam on a skiing trip. Skeasy ensures a good experience for young and old.

Why not order more for this season?

A combination of finances and the capacity to start and follow up production means that we are postponing orders until next season. With little in stock this year, we have chosen to reduce marketing costs going forward to build up funds for new orders. Prices for everything have increased, and the delivery time to our warehouse in Norway is 5 months.

Why order more for next season?

The feedback from customers is very good. Skeasy is patented internationally and has sold steadily well from the small online store The margin on the product is healthy, and there is therefore every reason to believe that Skeasy provides value to users in the form of good experiences in nature.

Skeasy in the longer run

It has proven challenging to run a store with only one seasonal product that sells in moderate volume. It is therefore a goal to hand over Skeasy to a producer or a brand that can include Skeasy in its range. If you know someone suitable, please feel free to tip them off.

Have a nice winter!

And remember, Skeasy may run out worldwide over the next few months.