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Handling of personal information

Processing of personal data

We collect basic information about the customer needed to deliver the product. This includes name, address, e-mail, and telephone number. Your personal information will not be available for any purpose other than that related Skeasy managed by Utsudr AS. We do not collect sensitive information (ref. Norway’s Personal Information Act §9) and are not in possession of such information about you as a customer. Card and payment information is handled through a separate payment service (Stripe / Vipps), and they do not share card number or other payment information.

Storage time for information

Unless otherwise specified by the customer, the information will be stored our system for an indefinite period. This is needed as basis for annual accounts, and enable service of customers, such as complaints or feedback on improvements and requests for additional products.

Right to be deleted

Under the Privacy Policy in Europe (GDPR), the consumer has the right to be "forgotten" from our systems. This means that the customer can contact us at "" and ask us to remove / change personal information from / in our system. As a minimum, we need access to customer information that meets accounting requirements. Typically, this means that some minimum information about the transaction needs to be stored for one year.

Use of cookies

On our website, we use cookies to make the user experience on the website as good as possible. Cookies ensures for example storing of data in the browser, to speed up loading of webpages you have previously visited. We may also utilise cookies to analyse customer behaviour on the website. This enables us to develop the website and improve the customer experience. Cookies may also be used to reach selected customer segments with marketing on social media. If you do not wish to consent to the use of cookies on, you can access your browser settings and block the use of cookies on all web pages.