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Introducing Tucksy to keep the kids warm

If the kids get cold during skiing, the fun is over for everyone. So, we have developed a new product that will be easy to bring and easy to use when in the cold. It is an insulating coverall that allows activity and can be worn while skiing. When the child sits in a Skeasy, it is free to move and brake with its legs. Tucksy is an invention with the following features:

  • The child can carry it on its back like a small light backpack
  • It folds around the child without the child needing to take off the backpack
  • The Tucksy is a combination of shell pants and a poncho with a hood
  • It includes a seat pad which can be easily flipped out
  • Finally a seat pad where the snow does not fall in from the back
  • The child has full freedom of movement while wearing the Tucksy
  • One-size. It is adjustable from 2 to 7 years
  • Weight approx. 700 grams

We are planning a pre-sale of a trial production series and will launch an introductory offer via our newsletter during May.

This video shows how Tucksy is used and how the size is adjusted from large to small (text and voice in Norwegian):