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Adapting the tip plate to the skis

Geometry and width of the ski tip varies with model and brand. To adapt the slot in the tip plate to the ski, two clips in each slot needs to be mounted as follows:

  • Wide ski: (type Åsnes Snømann): No clips
  • Medium wide ski: (e.g. type Madshus and Frost): One of the two slimmest clip types
  • Narrow ski: (type Fisher): The widest clips

For other types of skis, it is recommended to try the three alternatives, and choose the one giving ski tips sticking out of the slot. At the same time verify that there is minimum 5 cm clearance to the ground when the pull-rope is tightened.

The clips can be found in the lid of the Skeasy-bag. Mount with the knurly end up. Insert into slot, hook first underneath, and push into place at the top, for example by use of another clip.

The three clip types
The three clip types
Example of mounting clips on skis
Example of mounting clips on skis

Mounting Skeasy on skis

  1. Pull Skeasy out of the bag and fold out seat support legs
  2. Open the ski-bindings, put Skeasy onto the bindings and close them
  3. Loosen the cord lock and pull the tip plate to the ski-tips
  4. Enter the slots over the ski-tips and tighten the pull rope such that the tips lift slightly
  5. Open the side handles
  6. Press the buttons on the back hinge and raise back
  7. Tilt back and close the side handles in correct position
  8. Fasten the harness carabiner hooks to the back-pack shoulder straps or around your waist/hips