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Good times skiing with the children

New website, export and product idea

We have spent the time since last season to make Skeasy more easily available to more people. In addition, we work with a product idea. Read on to find out more about our three news:

  • New website
  • Skeasy launched in several new countries
  • We are working on a new product!

Refurbished website has become fresher and more shopping friendly.

The website is more dynamic with a little more color and more air. In addition, Skeasy has received a new payment solution. It should now be easier than before to complete a purchase. Thanks to Morten, Rikard and Martin for input and good help!

We stick to our philosophy of selling Skeasy only in our own online store.

This is because direct sales online provide the opportunity for direct contact with customers and good customer follow-up. In addition, it is a cost-effective model. It provides efficient distribution of goods where the goods are needed. Skeasy is sent to where the customer lives. We believe it is rational and environmentally friendly.

A drawback of online sales is that you can not physically touch the product when considering buying. For some this is important, but we hope that the good feedback Skeasy has received from customers compensates a bit for that disadvantage. In the long run, we believe that Skeasy will become so common that this disadvantage will be reduced, or disappear completely.

Three new languages and three new countries!

The website has been translated into three new languages; Swedish, Finnish and Danish. Many thanks to, among others, Ylva, Mattias, Anna, Camilla, Johan Lind for contributions! Skeasy can now also be bought in Sweden, Finland and Denmark! We have established a warehouse in northern Sweden that serves the EU countries. This saves time and money for shipping and customs clearance.

Familier med små børn i Danmark:
Skeasy er nu tilgængelig!

Familjer med små barn i Sverige:
Skeasy är nu tillgängligt!

Lapsiperheet Suomessa:
Skeasy on nyt saatavilla!

Danish, Swedish and Finnish translation of: “Families with young children: Skeasy is now available, at last!”

Something coming up – Product development

Something takes shape with the help of coffee, optimism, courage, needle and thread, duct tape, scissors, measuring tapes and digital and physical models.

We can reveal that we are working on a new product. It is an accessory to Skeasy, but can also stand alone.

Our philosophy has been that we should take as our starting point what most people already have, and offer a solution by adding as little as possible. Skeasy uses the child’s own skis, and the parents’ backpack. It has also been the idea for a blanket, comfy bag or seat pad.

But we are looking into the possibility of a product to protect the child from the cold that may be easier to use than today’s alternatives.

The idea is a new type of comfy bag that can be used in combination with Skeasy, or in other contexts where you may wish to be able to wrap the child in something warm. The concept is innovative and different from much of what is found today. The product should be easy to bring along, and quick to take on and off. We are curious on how this will be received when we launch a trial series in a few months.

Stay tuned – more info in a later newsletter!

If you have comments or suggestions for any of these news, we’ll be happy to hear about it. Send an email or leave a comment.

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