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Safety and use

Skeasy is made for children from they can walk, until they are 6 years old. The sled is not recommended for children weighing more than 25 kg (typ. 6-7 years).

Skeasy is a safer alternative than to carry the child on your back or shoulders in case of fall. Downhill, one often runs together, holding the child. In that situation, the skis can be entangled, with risk of torsion or falling on top of each other.

A seat belt is included to support to the smallest children in case they fall asleep. The sleeping belt is made to disconnect in case Skeasy topples, to ensure the child is freed from Skeasy in motion.

Encourage the child to contribute with balance and braking with their heels in challenging terrain.

Skeasy still needs to be used with consciousness, both when it comes to speed and terrain. Downhill, it is recommended to control the sled by holding the grips at the upper back, standing behind or on the side. Use the rope actively, and hence the rope is also under control.

The child shall always be dressed for the weather, and will usually ski on its own for at least part of the trip. Be cautious of the child if it shall sit on the sled for some time, and use a blanket or bag to stay warm, as the conditions require.