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Terms and conditions

Return policy

The product can be returned, and money refunded within 21 working days after the product was received. The product must be returned intact in original packaging and appear as unused. The money will be refunded within 14 days from the date we were informed of the intention to cancel the purchase. Return costs when using the right of cancellation are paid by the buyer.

Complaints and defects

Skeasy shall of course be delivered without defects. If a defect is detected, the customer may return the product within the return period. If it appears that the defect existed at the time of delivery, the item may be returned free of charge, and we will provide either a repaired or new product, or refund the full purchase price. The complaint period for defects is 2 years in the EU / EEA and 5 years in Norway.


Skeasy comes with 3 years warranty. The warranty applies to damage to the product during normal use: a) transport of children under 25 kg; b) mounted on regular 90-130 cm cross-country ski with NNN bond; c) Careful control downhill by holding the handles on the back; d) not used to play by people who fall or climb the product; (e) "user advice" and "safety and use" on the website are followed; f) the instructions on the packaging and the product guide are followed; g) the product is stored dry and nice as otherwise common for the type of equipment.

Dispute settlement

We expect that questions and potential issues can be solved by communicating. However, we are obliged to provide information on dispute resolution on the website: If the buyer experiences problems that is not resolve directly with us, the ODR complaint portal may be used.