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The innovation that gives the whole family a better skiing trip

The idea

A misty day in February some 20 years ago, a dad and is three-year-old son went for a small skiing trip in their neighbourhood. The goal was to cross a golf course. The track was icy, and the toddler’s motivation gradually waned. Dad eventually had to carry the boy, the skis and the poles, and at the same time strive home on a wet and icy trail. At that moment, the idea came to Skeasy: a foldable seat to bring in the backpack, which mounts onto the child’s skis!

The product

Now the idea has become a reality. Skeasy is fully developed, and ready to provide families with small children even better skiing experiences. It is not easy to think of a bigger piece of news in this segment since the “pulk” arrived.
Skeasy fits in a backpack. It weighs 1.9 kg and is suitable for children from 2 to 7 years. Skeasy can be used with all types of skis from 90 cm to 140 cm that have regular cross-country binding (NNN). It is mounted onto the skis of the passenger child.

Why does the family need a Skeasy?

  • Skeasy is storage- and luggage-friendly.
  • It is easy to bring on the bus, metro and train.
  • Perfect for eco-friendly ski trips in your neighbourhood.
  • It is easy to bring along on the ski lift, which you some places can take to beautiful ski slopes in the mountains.
  • The trip can be enjoyed all the way, without worrying whether the return will be a struggle. After the smallest kid have been setting the pace for a while, it is nice for the adults to be able to increase the speed a bit and get warm.
  • For the child, it is a popular variation to enjoy the ride in a Skeasy. It also gives a little extra exercise to the person pulling.
  • Trips that are ended before they are properly started will be a thing of the past. The family gets longer range and can aim for pleasant hiking destinations.
  • During the lunch break, the child can sit on its Skeasy.
  • Skeasy allows planning of trips with others who do not have small children or have children in “pulk”. It is more pleasant for the group to follow the same pace.
  • With a Skeasy in the backpack, you are guaranteed a nice end to the trip, and a good experience for everyone. After a strenuous trip, it usually takes a little longer before a new trip is tempting than after a super trip.
  • With Skeasy, you are confident that the trip will end nicely, with good memories.

Free shipping and fast delivery in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark

Skeasy is developed in Norway and sold online. It is delivered by mail a few days after order. Until further notice, shipping is free in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark.