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The story

In February 2002, Geir Ståle Kleppe, and his then two-year-old son, Sondre, decided to get some fresh air on a grey Sunday afternoon. Despite the icy snow on the ground and rain in the air, cross country skiing ended up being their chosen activity. The two guys started out at Bogstad in Oslo, aiming to cross the golf course. Sondre was not very motivated and had soon had enough of the outdoors. Dad then had to carry him, his skis and ski poles, trying to get home on the wet and icy track. At this moment, the idea of a foldable device, using the skis to transport Sondre, popped up. Early mock-ups were made and Sondre was the test pilot. Potential users were observed on all ski trips, and the concept gradually improved. Years went by where Geir Ståle was busy working full time as an engineer in technology development in the oil industry, with little time left to work on his the Skeasy concept and other ideas. When in 2016, a downturn in the oil business forced Geir Ståle to look for new job opportunities, he finally took the step to start a business on his own. He founded Utsudr AS, with the foldable sled, Skeasy, as the first product. A functional prototype was made and successfully tested in 2017. Subsequently, commercialisation funding was received from “Innovasjon Norge”. The product and web-shop was launched in winter 2018.