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User tips

Mounting on skis

The recommended method is first to tilt out the seat supports, then clip on the skis as for a regular ski boot. Next, put Skeasy on the ground and attach the tip-plate to the ski tips. Then open the levers on the lower hinges, grab the upper hinges, and raise the back in one motion. Then lock the levers on the lower hinges again. Avoid getting snow in the mechanism. See video in “Safety and use”.

Locking of cord-tightener

If the tightening of the tip-plate slackens, it can be secured better by making a loop around the cord tightener as shown on the video below.

Placing the child’s ski poles

If you don’t have the possibility to place the child's ski poles in your backpack, they can be suspended on Skeasy as shown below. Make sure they are properly attached, and take care not to fall onto the poles.

Skiing down long and steep slopes

Stand behind or on the side of the Skeasy and hold on to the handles on the back. Encourage the child to contribute by braking with the feet.

Use and storage of the Skeasy bag

Put Skeasy into the bag with the thinnest end first (hinges with red button). The Skeasy-bag can be folded together and put in the pocket at the back of the Skeasy.

Lifting of Skeasy

Lifting by the pulling rope when the child sits in the Skeasy can disconnect the tip-plate from the skis. Rather grab the plate and the ski tips at the same time and lift.

Tightening for the shortest skis

In some cases, it may be difficult to tighten towards the shortest skis. In that case, the white rope can be pulled 10-15 cm out of the tip-plate and make a new knot. Evenly spread on both sides will give two short loose ends instead of one long. The ends may be cut, but better to save the length until Skeasy shall be used with longer skis.